About Us

The aim of Australia for Dolphins is to stop cruelty to, and gain legal protection for dolphins and other small whales. AFD focusses on small cetaceans in particular because these highly sentient animals have no international legal protection, and are subject to some of the most extreme cruelty inflicted on animals anywhere in the world.

AFD's primary goal is to bring an end to unregulated and inhumane hunts which kill tens of thousands of small cetaceans annually. Initially, AFD will focus on the world’s largest hunts - the dolphin, porpoise and pilot whale hunts which occur in the waters off Japan. We are also committed to ending the cruel treatment of small cetaceans in captive facilities for commercial purposes.

While AFD is based in Australia, dolphins and whales need our help in many countries and, as such, our efforts to protect them are truly global.

Australia for Dolphins has the following core principles:

  • Its sole purpose is to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of the dolphins and whales
  • It will act lawfully, peacefully and respectfully
  • It will not denigrate or criticise the people of Japan or other countries in which dolphin hunting occurs – its argument is only with those few who are involved in the practice of dolphin hunting
  • It is committed to using members' money wisely, with the aim of maximising the benefit of each dollar for the dolphins and whales

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